Overview of Chapters 1-6


From how my research started , I had no idea just how deep,    organized , and well put together all this was.  There is so much information out there from over 70 years,  that I have come across,  I was startled about many things that I uncovered , and stumbled upon.

I had no idea !   I suspected a lot of things but OMG! I didn’t realize until my investigation and research would lead me this deep into the evil of darkness, I didn’t expect.
Much of the information I had basic knowledge of ,  a great deal of it, I didn’t have any idea about it.  As I shared in the my introduction , I   had a lot of questions about many things I was seeing and witness, but just couldn’t put it together, until now .

All I was looking for was simple answers , “well”,  instead I walked into a hornets nest of killers , deceivers, manipulators, and down right thieves . And here I thought life was simple , “yes” at times   complicated and with chaos, but not at this level.

Am I making too much of a big “deal” out  of all this ?

Am I really noticing and seeing all this unfolding before my very eyes the “truth” of whats really going on in this world, our country?

“Damn” I have gone from a simple research about this New World Order concept to a well organized select group of people .  I  mean, I knew that their were very wealthy people in the world , greedy as hell and had their hands into almost everything, but it has gone from “almost” to “everything” just totally controlling our lives.

What happened to “liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness,” The American Dream, Be all you can be, You can do and be, what you want to be , if you work hard , do the right thing, obey the law,  was this just    a mirage!
” I was thinking to myself as I was researching and reading all this information before me, and I finally came to the conclusion , it was (is) all a “Lie’.

Are these people “SERIOUS”? ,   It can’t be?,  preposterous!

I always figured , that what was going on was politics , Republicans vs Democrat , who was right and who was wrong, who had the best idea, the best solutions.  I was raised a full fledged democrat, that was the party I was always thought to believe they represented the working class, the best interest of the people, until and during the Carter administration and all its debacles, I felt the democrat party no longer represented me .
But, doing that , has never caused me not to keep some of my democratic ideas, I have in local and state elections  crossed party lines being a republican voting for the right person for the right job.  anyway this is not about who or what side to pic, this is about all of us in this boat together .

So, here we now find ourselves in a whole new different realm of    reality .  After numerous hours of reading investigating , researching many website trying to make the connection , looking for a direct collation of facts, consistency, in what I was reading and learning and watching videos, anything I could find to discredit  or disregard as propaganda , I found more proving than disproving .  All this , caused me to reflect as I was checking and matching fact of events I knew to what was being reported and telling.

As, we laid out to you the elements behind all this,

TRILATERAL COMMISSION -TLC     are all the key players in this Global cabal.

I, apologize about Chapters 5 and 6 for being  information over load , however I felt it very important to put it out there , so that you may recognize names, as well as understand what they were and are about . Who they are, and what are their goals and plans.

As I hope you will learn and see all the pieces of the puzzles connecting  and coming together in the next coming chapters all this you have learned from chapters 1 – 6 would have been worth it especially       thru  5 and 6 .


Before we venture on, I would like to thank many of my friends that I have made that have contributed their opinion , and time in  reading and helping me stay focused and on track  in putting this information together  to get out to you , without them I would still be in the stone age…again , Thanks Gang , could not have done it and have gotten   this far with out you .

Here we are, we finally made it thru the brief descriptions of our past history, I truly felt it was necessary to understand . The purpose was to educate and inform our readers that may have not known our past history of America at or around the time and era of “The Great Depression”when America fell to her knees  and era I haven’t even  gone thru , but rest assure in the attached links,  if you want to investigate it , you will get into a more understanding that the banks and wall street because of risky investments was the cause of it.
From  Chapter 2 thru Chapter 4 we introduced to you the structure  of organizations that is moving and controlling our nation today . We introduced to you some names and player that are or was involved in it. We barely scratched the surface of all that is involved.
Now, we have come to where we start piecing together the para-dine  that exist in our world today.  We are going to venture deeper into the people and organizations that we previous talked about .

In this   journey we shall also introduce additional names and venture into connections of these people to try and give you a much clearer picture how all these people came in to play and how many, inherited by blood and birth right their place in this secret society.

We will find these people inside the United  States and in Europe. Now we will pick up from Chapter 5, and will move back in forth from America and Europe to start placing pieces together and connecting  the dots  and creating the over all picture .


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