So here we are, 1933-1945 when and where America has reached another junction in history.We embarked on our journey to find out  what this  N.W.O. was about , and  was not fully prepared for , the deepness that has unfolded before us. It seemed like the more  we researched and investigated, the deeper the corruption became.

It seemed like as well the more questions we asked and further the research, the more we investigated, left us asking and searching for more with questions and more discoveries that went beyond our first question.  ” Whats is this N.W.O. ?”   Well I believe its self evident we found out just how evil and  broad its grip is and expose this organization for what it is.

This project has taken us far in scope from its organization, people, groups, countries, and religious involvement, to the occult and even to the  beginning of mankind and back to the point  of where the N.W.O. planted itself and operates in full capacity  in plain view  everyday in sight under our noses, and we  haven’t even seen it occurring. One thing that is for sure we have all been sold a “Lie”.

So, its evident, we have connected some dots from what we have researched, read and investigated.  I, personally will not and cannot take any credit for any of this information , because if it was not for all those researchers investigations over the last 70 yrs, in their dedication  to exposing this evil with their documentation  and first hand knowledge, none of this information that I am piecing together from their hard work would never have come to light and to you the reader.

The amazing thing about all this , is that we  haven’t begun to fully expose all the veins of this beast  yes, I said it “The Beast”!

So, this is  what we have come to know as the pyramid.

1.  The all seeing “eye” – The Jesuit Priest  of the Vatican and the General Secretary “Black Pope”,  the rulers and owners of everything that is on this earth  ” The en slavers of men”.

2. The Rothschild –  The financial  backers and the  controllers  of the main finances  of the Vatican and Jesuit priest, and establishers of the  European and world investors and the Federal Reserve Banks in America.

3.  The Bildeberg Group  –  Made up of the 13  Illuminati bloodline,  and the Global Top Elites and world leaders and agents of various government organizations  meet , plan and make  laws to be pushed globally , during secret meetings once a year all over the world.

4.  The British Monarchy  –  Although today just considered as a symbol of England. They are part of the Global Elite and blood line.  England is the main HQ of the Bank of England , the International Monetary Fund , which is located in the heart of London and considered a city unto itself  and the sister to the Federal Reserve located in the United States.

5.  EEU / EU  –  EEU- European Economical Union.  EU – European Union  –  Made up of all Europeans state upon Europe’s Continent today .

6.  The United Nations / NATO  –   The main HQ  of the New World Order known as the Global  Economic Union-  Funded and hosted on the shores of the United States,  All Nations , all people, are under the the one world government, one world rule, and one world order, one world religion.

7.  The United States of America –  The Corporation of all states upon the North American continent  owned and operated by the British Monarchy and the Vatican Jesuits that its laws are made up in line with British law  and the home of     “The New World Order”.

Now  we have connected these  dots, our journey  is still far from over.  All this brings us to where we are today  in the year of 1933 , during the  office of the 32nd President of the United States,  Theodor Franklin Roosevelt . and what he did and allowed, I would call the Traitor of the United States , and all its generations to come, and you will see why I call him “TRAITOR”!
Now we will enter a new era  ” The American Paradox”.


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