As a reminder to the reader, emphases still must be placed on the research and is no or was not intended to lead or turn into a religious concepts.  With that being said, this is how our research  has lead us thus far.
We have done a in depth research of the origins and history  that will gives a better understanding of knowledge what has lead us to the problems we are facing in the world especially in America.
As a reminder our focus is still on THE DISMANTLING OF AMERICA INTO THE NEW WORLD ORDER , before we can understand the events of today , we must understand the history of yesterday  that help shape and create this chaos of change in our daily living.
The information in the next chapters is not endorsing its validity  of the information and research and opinion of the research , but to merely lay out a foundation of the historical documented research of the beliefs of the factors  tied into all the organizations , past present and future players.
On a personal note , as a believer I have struggled whether or not I should  inject this information in to this information . Because of the content  no matter how disturbing to me , I felt it necessary to continue to  place the pieces in to where it belongs because looking for the truth and discovering it is most important to my goal and reason for doing this.


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