In Chapter 22 , We provided you  a short brief of the first 27 Presidents of The United States
of America.  As you have read, you can see clearly the influence of Free Masonary  has had on all 3 (three) branches of government , including relations and ties to the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati that connects another piece to the puzzle inwhich we will go into detail as we venture deeper. Now that being said, we only touched on the history of the first 27 Presidents back and their influences.

In the following chapers starting in the early 1900’s starting with the 28th President Woodrow Wilson we will take a much closer look at those Presidents connected to free masonary and connections and relations to the illuminati and other groups, that have been the influence and starting points to “The Dismantling of America”.

As we continue further , I will be referring back into the time lines of other Presidents as it may connect points of intrest, and refer back to previous chapters as it may be necessary to bring a point out and or a connection to the subject at hand.

In additon we will be introducing other families that enter to the scope  orgianizations and various groups that are vital into giving us a clear picture of the magnitude of the entire picture as much as we can , we will mainly touch on the most suggnifacate issue that have affected our country and our world.


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