Chapter 14 – Prince Ea



Prince Ea was a very important figure in the ancient world, as you have learned from the Gods of Eden page. Ea was the one who suggested that the Neanderthals be used as a base for a new creation. This creation would take over their work load. Ea basically said,

“all we (Elohim) have to do is upgrade them using our own genes.” (Genesis 1:27)

Ea was a genetic engineer. Within ancient Sumerian writings he is given credit for many other accomplishments other than engineering Homo sapiens. It is said that Ea drained marshes by the Persian Gulf and replaced them with fertile agricultural land. Ea also supervised the building of dams and dikes.

Ea didn’t engineer Homo sapiens without trial and error though. His character was flawed as ancient Sumerian writings reflect. He was somewhat careless at times.

Goodhearted is what Ea was, at least in regard to his creation. Ea spoke before the councils of the gods on behalf of the new EArth race. Ea was against the cruelties the other gods were imposing on humans. Ea’s wishes were overruled by the other faction. Ea did not intend for the human race to be treated harshly.

The rebellious god Ea formed an organization called, “The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake.” Ancient Egyptian writings tell us its ORIGINAL purpose was to educate the human race in TRUTH and to liberate the human race from its bondage, the same bondage portrayed within the movie, “The Matrix” , where “AI”/Satan is the controller of the human race.

No other animal within ancient civilizations was more prominent or as important… than the SNAKE. The snake is just one among many other symbols of the Brotherhood. The snake is also a symbol used within Freemasonry, the Devils religion. It is important for me to say again, not all Masons worship Satan, only the top 5% do.

Ea and his father Anu were said to of possessed profound ethical and spiritual knowledge. This is the same knowledge that was later symbolized as trees in the biblical Adam and Eve story. The biblical tree symbol (left) came from pre-Biblical Mesopotamian works, such as one showing a snake wrapped around the trunk of a tree, identical to later portrayals of the snake in Eden. The picture on the left depicts the biblical Adam & Eve in Eden with the Serpent (Ea) wrapped around the tree.


From the tree in the Mesopotamian depiction hang two pieces of fruit. To the right of the tree is the half-moon symbol of Ea; to the left is the planet symbol of Anu. What this drawing indicates is that both Ea and his father Anu were associated with the snake and its teachings.

The ones who wanted to control the human race didn’t want this knowledge to be known to humans, so it became THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. The evil faction overthrew Ea. The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake was then turned against him. They taught falsehoods about Ea. Because of all the LIES that were taught, many people today think the Serpent in Eden is Satan (a liar and evil doer) and not Ea (a freedom fighter).

Ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and biblical texts relate that the “snake” or Prince Ea was quickly defeated by other factions.

Ea’s title was no longer “Prince of EArth.” It changed to “Prince of Darkness.” Other horrible names were attached to him as well such as,


the Devil

Evil incarnate

Monarch of Hell

Lord of Vermin

Prince of Liars


This of course is where Satan fooled everybody into thinking he was God and God was Satan. (God = Satan, Satan = God)


In modern day, Ea and his father Anu are represented within the seal of the American Medical Association (AMA) (left) as two snakes coiling up a rod. The AMA’s current seal(1991;below right) features a snake with no fangs. Brotherhood teachings included physical healing through spiritual means.

The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake has been the worlds most effect tool for keeping the human race spiritually ignorant. Ea wound up giving his enemies a powerful tool of spiritual repression. EArth became a place where spiritual beings can be trapped, enslaved, and made to suffer.

The Brotherhood has been with the human race all through history. In Ancient Egypt it was known as “The Mystery Schools.” This secret society Brotherhood also includes Freemasonry.

Ran by evil The Brotherhood continues to dumb down the human race via repetitive mind control tactics, in an effort to forever control the human race. And we must all work towards putting an END TO IT!

Remarks to

The Brotherhood Of The Snake

brotherhoodsnake02_02                    brotherhoodsnake02_01

ZECHARIAH SITCHIN, author of Genesis Revisited and The Twelfth Planet, speaks Aramaic, the language of Jesus and his disciples, and he is one of about 200 experts world-wide who can read the script of the old Sumerians who 6,000 years ago in the land between the Euphrates and the Tigris founded the first advanced civilization of which we have proof, the realms of Mesopotamia.

When he was nine, SITCHIN first became interested in ancient languages while he was reading the Old Testament in the original language, Hebrew. He realized then, that in the Bible written in Hebrew, every word has a very exact meaning and that today’s Bibles, whether in German, English or Latin, were but interpretations of the original. Every translator understands the Bible in his personal way and interprets it accordingly.

There is a great difference in reading the Bible in its original language or in a translation. When he wanted to point out a translation error to the teacher, the latter cautioned him not to question the Bible. This experience decided his further career. He became interested in archaeology, in the history of the old Orient and its languages. He studied the old myths and legends of the Greeks, the Hittites, the Canaanites and the Babylonians and thus came upon the Sumerian texts written in cuneiform script on clay tablets.

He translated these and discovered a genesis of HOMO SAPIENS contrary to the views of all the world’s great religions. Yet scientifically it is the most consistent and logical of all the myths of origin, paralleling those of Tibet (according to the lama Lobsang Rampa), the Hawaiians, the Australian Aborigines, the North American Indians (Apaches, Hopi and Sioux), the Mayans (according to Miguel Angel, a priest in the Mayan White Brotherhood) and the tablets from the Easter Islands.

The clay tablets not destroyed are kept under seal in the Vatican. With good reason, as you are about to discover. Sitchin proposes that the ANUNNAKI of the Sumerian myths, “the fifty who went from Heaven to Earth”, were extraterrestrials who came from a further, yet undiscovered planet of our solar system that orbits about the sun once in 3,600 years. These Anunnaki for the first time landed on this planet 450,000 years ago to save it.

They mined gold and other raw materials they needed and 300,000 years ago created HOMO SAPIENS by genetic manipulation upon a female hominid, to be used as a helper since they had tired of mining themselves. Mesopotamia was their first colony. Although some scientists remain skeptical towards these hypotheses of divine astronauts, they have to agree that Sitchin’s conclusions are valid. Especially recently, when the American Voyager space probes photographed Neptune and Uranus and proved that the Sumerian descriptions maintaining that the two planets were twins with blue-green marsh vegetation were correct, despite Uranus and Neptune only having been officially “discovered” in recent times.

William Bramley writes in The Gods of Eden about the Sumerians:

“On old Mesopotamian tablets the creation of HOMO SAPIENS is attributed mainly to one ‘god’. His name is EA. Ea is supposed to have been the son of a king of these extraterrestrials who, it is said, was ruling over another planet in the vast empire of this extraterrestrial race. Prince Ea was known by his title EN.KI, meaning ‘Lord (or prince) of the Earth’. According to old Sumerian texts Ea’s title was not quite exact since he was supposed to have lost his control over a large part of the Earth to his half-brother EN.LIL during one of the innumerable rivalries and intrigues that seemed always to preoccupy the lords of these extraterrestrial civilizations.”

PRINCE EA is not only ascribed the “creation of man” but also many other feats. He is said to have drained the marshes on the Persian gulf and replaced them by fertile arable land, to have built dams and ships and to have been a good scientist. In creating Homo Sapiens he proved his knowledge of gene technology, but according to the tablets he did not succeed without experimenting first. Apparently he was very benevolent towards his creation, Homo Sapiens.

In Mesopotamian writings Ea is described as standing up for the new humanity in the council of the extraterrestrials. He objected against the many cruelties the other extraterrestrials, among them his half-brother Enlil, committed against the humans. In the tablets it is stated that he did not want the humans as slaves, but in this he was overruled by the others. Seeing the humans as mere beasts of burden, they treated them cruelly.

The tablets speak of famines, diseases and what today we call biological warfare. When this genocide did not result in an appreciable reduction of the human population, it was decided to eradicate them by a great flood. Many archaeologists today confirm that thousands of years ago a great flood occurred in the Near East, as is—next to the Sumerian tablets—also described in the Gilgamesh epic and in the Old Testament.

According to Sumerian texts Ea told a Mesopotamian called Utnapishtim about what the other extraterrestrials had planned and taught him to build a ship and to put to sea with some gold, his family, cattle, a few craftsmen and wild animals. The story of Noah stems, as do many of the other stories in the Old Testament, from older Mesopotamian texts. The Hebrews just changed the names and [from] the many different Gods of the original writings came the One God of Jewish religion.

No animal among those revered by the humans of the early ages was as marked and important as the snake, the reason being that the snake was the sign of a group that in the early culture of both hemispheres had gained great influence. This group was a savant brotherhood, that had subscribed to the dissemination of a spiritual knowledge and the attainment of spiritual freedom, it was the “BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE”.

It fought the enslavement of spiritual beings and tried to free humanity from bondage to the extraterrestrials. (The original biblical word for snake nahash stems from the root NHSH and means “to decipher, to find out”.) The Brotherhood of the Snake was founded by the rebellious prince EA. It says on old Mesopotamian tablets that Ea and his father Anu had a catholic ethical and spiritual comprehension, and it was exactly this knowledge that later apparently was symbolized in the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

The biblical symbol of the tree is said to go back to pre-Bible Mesopotamian works, in one for instance a snake is shown that winds around the trunk of a tree (today’s symbol of physicians) and to concur with the later depictions in the Garden of Eden. In the Mesopotamian image two fruits are seen hanging from the tree. To the right of the tree is the symbol of Ea, the half-moon (Knowledge) and to the left a planet, the symbol for Anu (Life). In one case Ea is said to have sent a human being to that tree to gain the knowledge.

That is also why Ea is presented as the culprit who tried to show the first human being the way to spiritual freedom. Apparently Ea opposed not God, as is said in the Bible, but the cruel actions of the so-called Gods. Despite their apparently good intentions EA and the early BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE did not succeed in freeing humanity. In the old Mesopotamian, Egyptian and biblical texts it is said that the snake (Brotherhood of the Snake) had very quickly been conquered by other splinter groups of the ruling extraterrestrials.

Ea was banned onto Earth and was thoroughly slandered by his enemies to make sure that he would never again find many followers among the humans. Ea’s title was changed from “Prince of Earth” to “Prince of Darkness” and further epithets were hung upon him, like Prince of Hell, Embodiment of Evil, Devil… He was presented as the mortal enemy of the highest being and as guardian of hell. People were taught that all evil stemmed from him and that he tried to enslave humanity spiritually.

People were told to expose him in all his future incarnations and to destroy him and his creatures wherever they are met. History shows that the Brotherhood of the Snake has become under its new masters, the Illuminati, a deadly weapon of spiritual oppression and spiritual treason, despite the many efforts—even up to today—of many upright humanitarians to establish a real spiritual reform with the help of the Brotherhood.

It is an open question whether the creation of Homo Sapiens actually happened that way. The Sumerian tablets had been a great help for my book, because they witnessed the existence and activities of the Brotherhood of the Snake and thus underline the statement that the conspiracy had started long before the Jews and the Freemasons, who today have to bear the brunt of the responsibility.

It is also easier to understand why the Vatican opposes the publication of the tablets from the Easter Islands, that describe the origins of humanity along similar lines, and also the Qumran papyri (The Dead Sea Scrolls) with all its might, because today’s Bible that had been adulterated according to selfish interest of some powerful persons would be proved wrong in some very important statements.


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