Chapter 1 – History Revisited

“To help you connect to what organization a person is connected to there will be the organizations acronym placed beside their name in parentheses.  For example, New World Order would be placed as (NWO).

Or they could have multiple organizations listed beside their name.


“A little History of my perspective  about our past Presidents , what I have witnessed and observed in my years.”

Back in the late 70′s , I didn’t own a computer ” heck”  that was foreign to me.  That technology was not as far advance as it is today.  So my resources was limited to books, newspaper, television, and radio.  I started with more of a casual approach to it with no urgency to add.   Why should it?

I was in my early 20’s and I was still stumbling through life, to find my way, like most people my age without a care in the world looking for a bright future to come, serving my country with the hopes of a long lasting career.

I would occasionally pick up a newspaper and pay attention to the national news media, thinking that I would learn more about this New World Order (NWO), except what I heard from President Jimmy Carter (NWO, TLC).  I tried to keep up world events hoping I could find or hear more about it but, it never surfaced that I can ever recall. However, most of the news at that time was about our economy, terrorist activity overseas, a lot about the United Nations (UN). and many other organizations, but still nothing solid about this NWO.

Profiles of U.S. Presidents  2012 August 6  And another source of information on US Presidents:  “The Presidents of the United States of America,” by Michael Beschloss and Hugh Sidey. Copyright 2009 by the White House Historical Association.  Retrieved  2012 August 6

The national news media giants ABC, CBS, NBC (affiliated with CFR, TLC) provided our news sources about international events, with CNN being the main stream primary giant in national and international coverage. However, to my disappointment not enough coverage  or information was ever provided about NWO.

Henry Kissinger

One of the most notable people of that time and was interviewed heavily by the news media was a person named, Henry Kissinger (NWO, CFR, TLC, UN).  A noted scholar and professor, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient in 1973, that was well versed in foreign policy, and served as the Secretary of State and adviser to national security affairs in both President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford administrations;  and he continues to be influential into today’s political arena especially as an advisor to foreign affairs.   [Batul Nafisa Baxamusa (2011 September 9) Biography of Henry Kissinger Retrieved August 5, 2012 from, .  Council on Foreign Relations (n.d.) The Henry A. Kissinger Chair in National Security and European Studies-Council on Foreign Relations,]

Now we fast forward to President Ronald Reagan (TLC) at the start of his term America had seen the end of the Iranian hostage situation and the end of the Cold War with Russia.  Finally, near the end of President Reagan’s term we witnessed the fall of the Berlin wall in Germany in 1989, and a few other international incidences.  And some silence in the eight years of his service.  Duing his term, President Reagan asked Henry Kissinger (NWO, CFR, TLC, UN) to serve on the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board for Presidents.  Then on March 30, 1981 there was an assassination attempt on President Reagan of which he survived.  President Reagan’s Press Secretary Bill Brady was critically wounded in the head and permanently disabled in the assassination attempt; and he later help pass the Brady Bill  to prevent gun violence.  I felt it was a great honor to serve under President Reagan  he was like  a breath of fresh air to our nation at the time.  President Reagan won his second term by a land slide and during that time we saw the ending of the Cold War, the bombing of Libya , and the Iran-Contra affair.
“I could still see  the world changing, America was also changing, but still I couldn’t put my finger on any of it or about this NWO, just more unanswered questions.”
President George H.W. Bush

President George H.W. Bush

Now enters President George H.W. Bush.(NWO, CFR, TLC) who defeated Michael Dukakis, and prior to being Vice President under President Reagan, Bush served in the House of Representatives for Texas and served as the CIA Director.  President Bush is a WWII veteran, and also was a successful oil field executive.  During President George H.W. Bush, America seemed to  be enjoying a good economy, interest rates seemed to be steady.  And President Bush was credited with steady U.S.-Soviet Relations, and the S.A.L.T treaty was signed on July 31, 1991 in the most comprehensive arms control treaty in history.  Under President Bush he authorized a military assault on the Panama Canal to overthrow the corrupt Government which was the beginning of the war on drugs.  Also we were led to believe that the leader of Panama, a General Manuel Noriega was a corrupt dictator and a threat to Americans who lived and worked in Panama.

But what got really got me was how after we overthrew the Panamanian government and destroyed their Hemp (Marijuana) fields, we secretly smuggled drugs and guns to Iran, which later on ended up with the Iran-Contra scandal using covert operations t0 running drugs and guns to Iran.  More information about President Carter returning control an ownership of the Panama Canal back to Panama as our government convinced American people it was a threat to our national security. Go figure right!

During President Bush Sr. administration Iraq invaded the small Middle Eastern country of Kuwait to capture their oil fields and the US ended up going to war against Iraq and chase Saddam Hussein (the Iraq Dictator) and his troops out of Kuwait.  The mission was called “Operation Desert Shield”, which later turned into “Operation Desert Storm” during the Persian Gulf War.

” Now, all this really got my mind to wondering what was really going on here, just what in the hell our government was doing?  I really starting asking myself and others I knew, both military and civilian contacts what they thought was going on, what have they noticed, and observed since the Carter administration.

Are they  seeing what I’ve seen and have been questioning to and amongst themselves !  Something or things was just not connecting and adding up.  Just what in the hell are we doing?  and what in the hell was going on?

So here I am, wondering to myself, just what am I (we) have been caught up into?

“From Egypt increased terrorist attacks on our embassies; giving away the Panama Canal; hostage taking in Tehran with a failed rescue attempt and then their release; the fall of the Soviet Union; to invading the Panama Canal and taking it back into the war on drugs; running weapons and drugs from Panama to Iran and the Iran-Contra Scandal; to turning to rescue of the burning of the oil fields in Kuwait; my God just what in the heck is really happening here!”

“In an address to the nations and who voiced those now infamous words the New World Order before a joint session of Congress stated: “The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward a historic period of cooperation.”

(Christopher J. Petherick  2008 December 1  # 48  Bush Announces New World Financial Order .

Sheppard Hardware (n.d.) History George H .W. Bush Received  (2011 August 5).

History (n.d.) George Bush Received (2011 August 5) .

In his second election for the presidential office, President George H. W. Bush’s campaign was tarnished by a campaign promise to the American people promising “No New Taxes”.  He was challenged by Ross Perot running as an Independent which took votes away from Bush; and also running for president was the young Arkansas Gov. William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton, on the Democrat ticket and who won the election for the presidency  (NWO, CFR, TLC, UN) .

President William "Bill" Clinton

President William “Bill” Clinton

President Clinton endorsed First Lady Hillary Clinton (NWO, CFR, TLC, UN) a massive healthcare reform act designed to provide universal  health coverage.  The Bill failed to move congress and later ended up giving the Republicans to win over both Houses. During his term, President Clinton signed in to law,” Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act”, a law that added 100,000 policemen and instituted harsher punishments for a variety of crimes.”  Later he signed a law increasing the national minimum wage.

President Clinton successfully won his second election by an overwhelming vote and defeated Bob Dole.  However, his second term ended disastrously with President Clinton formally impeached for having an affair with a White House Aid Monica Lewinsky.  But the impeachment overshadowed his numerous accomplishments in foreign affairs and resulted in losing to the republicans during the election of George W. Bush vs. Vice President Al Gore.  (© 2013 A+E Networks. All rights reserved.(n.d.) Bill Clinton Biography. Retrieved 2012 August 6, .)

President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush

In a very close margin President George W.Bush (NWO, CFR, TLC, UN) won the run for president by a very narrow margin against the incumbent Democratic nominee Vice President Al Gore (NWO, CFR, TLC, UN).  At times, his (President Bush) political rhetoric fueled this divide.  Taking a budget surplus left by the previous Democratic Clinton Administration, Bush pushed through a $1.35 trillion tax cut to stimulate the economy, but critics contended it favored the wealthy.  His administration prompted further controversy when he announced the U.S. would not abide by the Kyoto Protocol for reducing green-house gas emissions, citing potential harm to the U.S. economy.

”I have strong reservations about the surplus supposedly left by the Clinton administration and President Bush needing to push through a $1.35 trillion dollar tax cut.”  To me something just didn’t add up once again.   “Surplus vs. Stimulus “.

Question ?

Why would Bush need a $1.35 trillion stimulus when there was a so called SURPLUS?  If there was such a surplus then that means we didn’t need to borrow a trillion plus dollars to stimulate the economy, it  just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Terrorist Attack 9/11/2001

Terrorist Attack 9/11/2001

Then on September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked 4 U.S. commercial jetliners. Where 3 of those jets hit their targets in New York (crashing into the World Trade Center) and in Washington, D.C (crashing a Jet into the Pentagon Building); and the fourth plane crashed into a farmer’s field in Pennsylvania. The attacks resulted in the death of  2,988 Americans on American soil for the first time in US history.   This attack resulted in the war on terror and President George W. Bush promised the American people that he would do all he could to prevent another terrorist attack and find and punish those who were responsible for those attacks.



The Terrorist attack of 09/11/2001 resulted in the sweeping creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Patriot Act, and the authorization of intelligence gathering that, for a time, included monitoring international phone calls made by U.S. citizens.  The war on terror had begun and with two additional wars on terror in ” Iraq and Afghanistan”.  President Bush promised that the US government would hunt down and find Osama Bin Laden who was the mastermind and leader behind the 9/11/2001 attack on American soil.

 During President Bush’s election for a second term as president, Senator John Kerry (NWO, CFR, TLC, UN) ran as Democrat against President Bush and Sen. Kerry lost the election for president.  In  first two years of his presidency, George W. Bush enjoyed a political majority in both Congressional houses but faced a strongly divided government.

Bush pushed for immigration reform, which received criticism from many conservatives, and eased environmental regulations, which received criticism from many liberals. The Bush administration’s poor response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans further pushed down his favorably rating.

“I was appalled, how the news media and the country was blaming Bush for the poor response, I tell you know for a fact that Louisiana Governor (D)  refused to allow the feds to come in with aid.  The President was not only willing but ready  to respond immediately, personally Bush received a bad rap for what my Governor caused, I feel Historians should make that correction.”

Nearly 20 years after President George H.W. Bush, in a landmark speech, heralded “A New World Order,” which would crush any nation, leader or revolutionary group that defied the American empire, the second Bush is proclaiming the advent of a powerful and unified global financial order that will foster such “ideals” as free trade, debt and the supremacy of the dollar.

“This was the third time I heard of the term NWO and the second time by the Bush’s where that name was mentioned.”

President George W. Bush entered his final year of his presidency, and the country faced enormous challenges. The United States was fighting two foreign wars; the budget surplus (that I question as a fact) left by the Clinton administration had transformed into a multi-trillion-dollar debt—the effects of military spending; tax cuts; and a slow economic growth.  In the early fall of 2008, the country was hit with a severe credit crisis that sent the stock market into a free fall and led to massive layoffs. The Bush Administration scrambled and encouraged Congress to enact a controversial $700 billion Emergency Economic Stabilization Act to bail out the housing and banking industries, but did not pass.  ( (n.d.) George W. Bush Biography Retrieved 2011 August 6.; Christopher J. Petherick  2008 December 1  # 48  Bush Announces New World Financial Order .

Prsident Barack Hussein Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama

After President George W. Bush’s second term ended, a senator from Illinois, Senator Barack Hussein Obama (NWO, CFR, TLC, UN) was elected over Senator John McCain (NWO, CFR, TLC) election bid, after a heated election that involved  Hillary Clinton.

When Obama took office, he inherited a global economic recession, two ongoing foreign wars and the lowest international favorably rating for the United States ever.  He campaigned on an ambitious agenda of transnational government, financial reform, alternative energy, and reinventing education and healthcare—all while bringing down the national debt.  Because these issues were intertwined with the economic well-being of the nation, he believed all would have to be undertaken simultaneously.  During his inauguration speech in February 2009, Obama summarized the situation by saying, “Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real, they are serious and they are many.”

Over his first 100 days in office, President Obama also undertook a complete overhaul of America’s foreign policy.  He reached out to improve relations with Europe, China, Middle East and Russia and to open dialogue with Iran, Venezuela and Cuba.  He lobbied allies to support a global economic stimulus package.  He committed an additional 21,000 troops to Afghanistan and set an August 2010 date for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.  In more dramatic incidents, he took on pirates off the coast of Somalia and prepared the nation for a swine flu attack.

In the second part of his term as president, Obama has faced a number of obstacles and scored some victories as well. He signed his  healthcare reform plan, known as the Affordable Care Act (called in the public as Obamacare), into law in March 2010. Obama’s plan is intended to strengthen consumers rights and to provide affordable insurance coverage and greater access to medical care.

His opponents, however, claim that “Obamacare,” as they have called it, added new costs to the country’s overblown budget and may violate the Constitution with its requirement for individuals to obtain insurance.

Again, President Obama ran for a second successive term and was challenged by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  [ AND SO  HIS STORY CONTINUES TO UNFOLD]. (n.d.) Barrack Obama Biography. Retrieved 2012 August 7.


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